Quentin Monnet

Open Source

Software Contributions

I use two GitHub accounts:

Among other contributions, I fixed a number of bugs on Firefox.

I have contributed several patches to the Linux kernel and bpftool.


Qoba.lt is a personal blog for computer things, without a strong focus of any particular subdomain.

Whirl Offload is a second blog I created to write about my work activities at 6WIND and then Netronome, about high performance networking and eBPF.

I contributed to Netronome’s blog or to the eBPF Updates on https://ebpf.io.


LPC 2022, Networking and BPF track (14th September, 2022, Dublin, Ireland):
Reusing the BPF CI

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2021 (5th May, 2021, virtual event):
eBPF on the Rise - Getting Started

FOSDEM’20 (2nd February, 2020, Brussels, Belgium):
Tools and mechanisms to debug BPF programs

FOSDEM’20 (1st February, 2020, Brussels, Belgium):
Endless Network Programming − An Update from eBPF Land

Invited talk at Sqreen (16th May, 2019, Paris, France):
All-Out Programmability in Linux - An Introduction to BPF as a Monitoring Tool

FOSDEM’19 (2nd February, 2019, Brussels, Belgium):
Unifying network filtering rules for the Linux kernel with eBPF

LPC 2018, BPF Microconference (15th November, 2018, Vancouver, Canada):
eBPF Debugging Infrastructure - Current Techniques and Additional Proposals

FRnOG 30 (16th March, 2018, Paris, France):
bpfilter: Linux Firewall with eBPF Sauce

FOSDEM’18 (3rd February, 2018, Brussels, Belgium):
The Challenges of XDP Hardware Offload

FRnOG 28 (24th March, 2017, Paris, France):
Introduction to eBPF (for network packet processing)

FOSDEM’17 (4th February, 2017, Brussels, Belgium):
Stateful packet processing with eBPF — an implementation of OpenState interface